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Rottman Consulting is a woman-owned business that provides leadership embodiment coaching, and expertise on building ethical, inclusive cultures that create a sense of purpose and belonging.

Our consulting practice works with organizations to:


  • Develop and retain current and future leaders

  • Improve organizational sense of belonging and inclusion

  • Support women to accelerate their success, belonging and relationships, regardless of life stage


Our initial offerings have been focused on bespoke transformational group training, coaching and support circles for women across the most critical phases of their career and life.


These phases are not currently met with a sense of belonging and support.  There are the three M phases:

  • Pre or If Mother: When you are weighing up the options of becoming a parent or not

  • Matrescence: The mind, hormonal and body transformation that a woman experiences when they becomes a mother, and this lasts throughout their entire adult life

  • Menopause: The entire lifecycle of menopause from peri-menopause through to menopause

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