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Ready to unlock your potential? 

We enable you to develop the capacity to lead with dignity and poise from a centered place, connecting mind and body.

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Through a process of discovery, we remove the barriers holding you back from bringing your most authentic voice and expression into your leadership style.  You can acquire more self-awareness around conditioned tendencies, the capacity to be the leader you want and tremendous success in achieving your purpose and commitments.  

​Create your vision and build your capacity to lead this change with dignity and poise,  reconnect to your values and purpose and discover how to embody change so that it becomes a part of who you are, not just what you hope for.

Coaching can take place either in person or online. We begin with a six month commitment–between 6-10 sessions. 


My role:

  • I create a neutral, safe space for you to explore and uncover new insights.

  • I support you as you embody new ways of being and achieving your goals.

  • I listen, ask questions and help you come up with powerful actions that move you in manageable steps towards your goals. 

Your role: 

  • You empower the coaching relationship to take you where you need to go.

  • You allow yourself the space to learn and grow in new ways.

  • You practice embodiment techniques unique to you as a leader to develop excellence.

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