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We work with enlightened leaders to help them master greater presence, trust and creativity under pressure


Hollie Rottman, Founding Partner  

My passion and expertise are in leadership embodiment for leadership and teams.  Leadership embodiment is about the ability to hold complexity, be creative under pressure and embody a leadership presence that is expansive and inclusive.  

I find immense joy in guiding my clients along their unique path toward embracing their true selves and unlocking their full potential.


Working with me enables you to step into your power and poise, knowing that you have the answers within, connecting you to an authentic, ethical, and inspirational way of being.

We know that you need to have the right chemistry with a consultant or coach to be successful.  Contact me for an initial coaching session.   It's complementary.

What our clients say about Hollie

Hollie embodies creativity, compassion, and courage, making our sessions both enriching and enjoyable. Her mission is to help leaders lead from a centered place, synchronizing mind and body. Through her guidance, I've discovered my authentic voice and expression, empowering me to step into my true self.

In a nutshell, if you're looking for a coach who will empower you to unlock your potential and lead authentically, look no further. Hollie’s unwavering commitment to your growth will leave you inspired and transformed. Thank you, Hollie, for guiding me on this amazing journey of self-discovery and growth.

Senior Leader in Marketing

I’ve had the privilege of being coached by Hollie Rottman. Hollie is an outstanding coach and an amazing human being. As a coach, she has a unique ability to increase the self-awareness of the person being coached - and have them discover truths about themselves and solve problems through a journey of insightful realization. Hollie is a great listener and adept at helping frame the problem statement in a value-based manner that induces a natural curiosity to explore further and develop solutions. I’ve found her approaches to be extremely valuable in developing strategies to overcome very complex problems.


One of the finest coaches ever - I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Senior Executive in BioTech

Hollie and I worked together through her coaching sessions with me. It was a collaborative effort as the journey belonged to me, and Hollie assisted me in finding out where I was, how I had reached my current state, where I wanted to be, where I was heading, and how to get there. It's worth mentioning that I wasn't someone who understood the concept of coaching and professional development work. However,


Hollie provided me with her perspective on how it could benefit me personally and professionally, which opened my eyes. She taught me how to find my own direction, navigate my time, and make space since it's challenging for executives to do so. I recommend Hollie for her patience, understanding, and expertise in the life of an upcoming or current executive. 

Senior Leader in Non-Profit

Hollie changed my life!

Well, that’s not entirely true. She gave me the keys to changing my life by broadening my perspective, values, and path. I work in a purpose-driven, global organization, and sometimes, it’s easy to talk about purpose and values but at a high level. Hollie challenged me to dive deep into my values, how they play out and perhaps most importantly, how to live them on purpose. 

Hollie also finds ways to awaken your body and mind in a fun yet challenging course, releasing wisdom and knowledge from within, and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Senior Leader in Human Resources

About Us

Rottman Consulting is a woman-owned coaching and consulting group that builds Authenticity, Integrity and Resilience (AIR) in leaders who want to create a more ethical and sustainable world.    


The mission of Rottman Consulting is to create a more sustainable world through embodied leadership. We envision a world where ethical leaders make decisions aligned with their values and big-picture vision to build sustainable products, services, and workplaces. When we say sustainable, we are talking about equity, inclusion, and belonging–all along the supply chain.


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As part of corporate responsibility, we support companies in looking outward to understand what they contribute to society and how they affect the communities they serve. We also help support them to look inward at their purpose, values and practices. A strong focus on DEI can be the key to turning all sustainability efforts into a success. We feel that this approach to business both benefits the company and humanity as a whole. 

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